ADHD / ADD appointment information –

The physicians at North Dallas Pediatric Associates requires that your child be seen in the office every three months; once a year for a physical exam and three times a year for an ADHD/ADD follow-up evaluation.

In addition to the examination by the doctor, ADHD/ADD evaluations depend in part on feedback from the parent and the child’s teachers.

The documents shown below are used during these evaluations.

Effective June 1, 2015, all ADD/ADHD medication refill requests will require 5 business days to process (do not count Saturday and Sunday).

If you insist on a prescription being processed in less than that amount of time, you are subject to a $25.00 service charge, payable at the time of pick-up in the Plano office.

If you lose a prescription, let it expire, or do not receive it in the mail, you must pick up a new prescription in the Plano office and pay the $25.00 fee as well.

You can avoid these situations by doing the following:

  1. Book your appointment before you leave the office. Anyone in the office can do this for you. If you do not have an appointment scheduled, your refill request will be denied.
  2. Request your refill online (not by phone). If you require a reply, we will not call you. You will receive a reply via email. Make sure to check your junk mail if you have not made us a “safe” contact.
  3. If you choose to call for a refill and do not have your next appointment scheduled, you will receive a letter which will delay the process even more.

We are trying to make this process as smooth as possible.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

North Dallas Pediatrics